The Hunt Is On….



So my husband Darek and I are starting the process of looking for a new home. YAY!! To provide a little background, I moved into my husband’s home after about 6 months of dating and quickly knew that if we were going to stay together the house we were living in could not be our forever home. The house was a semi-detached and the neighbors were lovely but fought almost weekly about money (I mean screaming matches not little disagreements!) and I felt like I knew waaayyy too much about their personal business. Right after returning from our honeymoon in April we met with realtors and ended up putting the house on the market in May. Our agent was amazing and we were under contract within 2 weeks and closed a little over 2 months from our listing date. The whole experience was a whirlwind and super stressful but we had an amazing amount of support from our incredible families and came through it with reasonably unscathed.

We are fortunate enough that we were able to move in with my in-laws before we went through the whole ordeal of buying a new home. We moved in a little over 2 months ago and recently began the house hunting process which of course involves obsessing over every new listing on Zillow, Trulia, and every other real estate website in existence. Honestly it hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be finding a house that has our wants and needs within our budget. My major must haves for our future home are a big kitchen for cooking and entertaining and a nice closet/dressing room for all my girly stuff, my husband Darek wants a garage or enough space to build one and a fairly open layout and we both want a big yard with lots of room to run for our dogs.

The search began a few weeks ago with Darek and I having endless debates with each other (and ourselves) about how small is too small, how big our yard really needs to be and what we are willing to sacrifice for the right price and location. It definitely hasn’t been as easy as I was hoping for (which is a little frustrating because I like instant gratification!) but as we look at more houses we are slowly deciding what our must haves are and what we can do without. The first home we went to see was adorable nicely updated and had a nice yard (I thought this was the one!!) unfortunately the next day when we went to put in an offer the house was already under contract! So the search continues, we will be going to a few open houses this weekend and I will keep you updated! Wish me luck!!
Tell me about your experiences with house hunting! Any tips are appreciated or if you have a horror story feel free to share those too!!




P.S. Later on I will give you my top 10 tips for making the sale of your home a little bit easier!!

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