You Had Me at Hello… Fresh…

So several months ago prior to selling our house, I felt like I was in a bit of a cooking rut. Not the fun entertaining type of cooking that I can’t get enough of but the everyday cooking that you sometimes agonize over what to make for dinner. I was getting frustrated with making the same things over and over and although my husband Darek does his best he is not the best in the kitchen.

So I decided to try out one of those “meal delivery services” but wanted to do some research first (I am a bit of maniac when it comes to researching things!) before wasting money on something we might not like. I looked at the basic profile of each company, what they offered, diversity and pricing and decided Hello Fresh would be the best service to experiment with mainly based on price and variety of selection. How it works is you can choose from a classic, vegetarian, or family box and select the number of meals you would like to have delivered per week, you can also pick the day your meals are delivered making it really convenient if you know you will be short on time certain days.

The first delivery was like opening presents on Christmas morning, it came in a large sturdy box and each meal had its ingredients packages separately with all the proteins in the bottom of the box with huge ice packs. All of the fruits, veggies and produce seemed super fresh, the spices come premeasured and anything you might use in small amounts like condiments or milk come in small containers (adorable!!) that you can the leftovers for future use. The recipes cards for each meal are preprinted on sturdy cardstock with a picture for reference and the instruction on the back. I had so much fun cooking the first meal, I gave Darek some of the easier tasks to do, we had a great time working together and the meal ended up delicious.

We have continued our subscription on and off for about the past 6 months and we are both really enjoying the different recipes (even my super picky father in law has liked some of the dishes!). I am not going to lie some of the recipes are definitely better than others and sometimes we will skip a week because none of the recipes appeal to us, but overall it has been a great experience expanded my ability to cook with certain foods and strengthened Dareks’ cooking skills. Hello Fresh is the only company we have used so far but there are so many different ones out there that most people can find something that fits their budget, style and cooking abilities. I highly recommend giving one of these meal delivery services a try if you are feeling like you to need to liven up your daily dinner routine they are super convenient and every night you will feel like a gourmet chef!! (and who doesn’t want to feel that amazing???)



*All opinions are my own, I only write about things that I am passionate about and interests me.IMG_4299.JPG

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