My 10 Non Expert Tips for Selling Your Home


So as promised I am going to give you my top 10 tips for making the sale of your home a little easier. Many of these can apply when purchasing a home as well! Now remember I do not claim to be an expert on real estate but these are some of the experiences I went through (every little tip can help right!!) and I just thought I would share them with all of you!

Here we go…

  1. When it comes to price trust your gut! This goes for both buying and selling. Obviously most people become emotionally attached to their home especially when they put blood, sweat and tears into fixing it up. My husband Darek spent a lot of time renovating our home to make livable (mostly for me, I know I’m a diva!) so when we went to sell it he wanted to recoup as much of the money as he could. The number our realtor suggested for listing price was below what my husband was willing to list for but his number was unreasonable too. Ultimately we split the difference and guess what!! We got full ask!! Know what your limits are and if you are willing to bend them.
  1. Get Permits! This can be a nightmare! Any work that was done that requires a permit take the time to get the permit!!! It can be annoying but it is so worth it in the end. Darek updated our heater and hot water heater 2 years before we listed our house and when we put it up for sale one of the appealing factors was the fact that it had recent updates to appliances. The caveat was we never had permits to do the updates and had to get them before our closing date. It ended up being very expensive, time consuming and super stressful because we were under such a time constraint. In the future we will be getting permits for everything so we never have to experience that again!
  1. Take valuables and prescription medications out of the house! Fortunately this tip is not from experience but it is something that can definitely be overlooked. Before putting your house on the market it’s a good idea to take anything of value out (even if it’s just sentimental) because to be perfectly honest you never know who is going to be in your home during open houses or showings. Taking any prescription meds that might be in your house is also a good idea, unfortunately people are now targeting open houses as a way to feed their addictions, I became aware of this because of my job as a nurse.
  1. Don’t make your home empty of personal accents! Most realtors seem to disagree with this tip, but I think people want to see a home with some personal touches. I have heard horror stories of realtors sweeping through a home and demanding all things with any hint of personalization be removed. Our realtor was not at all like this (Thank God!!) and only asked that we do our best to keep everything really clean. I think when people go to a home it shouldn’t look sterile, it should look like happy people live there which can make the home more appealing.
  1. Plant fresh flowers outside and have fresh flowers inside! I firmly believe this helped to sell our house. Right before listing our home I went out and purchased several different types of flowers in bright colors. I wanted our home to look as warm and welcoming as possible to potential buyers. Keeping them alive with watering and weeding was not always the most fun thing to do but it gave the house such great curb appeal especially compared to the other houses on the street. Additionally having fresh flowers inside the home during open houses and showings add a bit of color and warmth to the home. 
  1. Keep your house clean! This sounds so basic but keep things put away and try doing a quick cleaning of your house on a daily basis. This makes it so much easier in the event of a last minute showing (which happened to us like everyday!) instead of cleaning like a maniac, throwing things in closets and scrambling to get dishes done!
  1. No wide-angle lenses or professional photos! A lot of real estate agents are spending money on professional photos to use on listing your house and I am just not a fan. The wide-angle lenses that are used frequently are super deceiving and give a much different impression of the house online than it actually looks like in person. The last thing you want to do is have your house look totally different in pictures than it does up close leaving the potential buyer disappointed and somewhat annoyed.
  1. Go with the more solid offer even if it is lower! This is a very personal choice that needs to be made with multiple factors that need to be considered for the sellers. My recommendation is when there are multiple offers on the table go with the most solid offer even if the price is a little lower because it can ultimately save you stress and headaches in the end. Having a prospective buyer that is not also selling their home makes for a very attractive deal because the sale of your home is not dependent on another deal
  1. Do your research on agents! From your agent to pricing of your home, it’s really important to do your research. You want to be comfortable with all aspects of selling your house and that starts with who you choose to represent you. Not all agents work the same way and you need to find someone you are relaxed around and feel like you can be open and honest with. It sounds silly but it’s a relationship (almost as serious as dating! Haha) and it needs to be one you are secure in because selling your home is such an important undertaking.
  1. Know when the time is right! Selling your home is a stressful process and knowing when to pull the trigger can be difficult. You want to wait for the right price but you also don’t want to wait too long and let the opportunity pass you by. Entertain all offers, don’t be so firm that you aren’t willing to negotiate at all and think outside the box to make a deal work.

It all goes back to my 1st tip Trust your gut! Hope this helps!



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